Core values

Seri-Deco´s core business values comprise quality, cutting edge status, confidence and responsibility.



♣  Quality


We pursue the highest quality in all our operations. The high quality is premised on our carefully selected and wide product portfolio. The only truly effective way to support our customers in developing their business is through comprehensive offerings.


We invest particularly in quality customer service and seamless material logistics. Timely maintenance and spare parts services, complemented with a proficient technical help desk, help to secure our customers´ production processes.




♣  Confidence


All our customers have individual sales representatives, who have become thoroughly familiar with the customers´ specific business needs during the longterm partnerships of several years or even decades. We continouously pursue customer satisfaction.


Seri-Deco focuses solely on the sales and marketing of production solutions for the graphic industry. We do not process the imported procucts further or otherwise compete with our customers.


♣  Cutting edge status


We follow the industry-specific market actively. The brands of our regularly modernised product portfolio represent the latest, cutting edge technology. Reflected in the product selection, our extensive industry-specific experience also helps us to predict the future market trends.





♣  Responsibility 


Seri-Deco´s business is based on honesty and openess to employees, customers, partners as well as to other industry actors. We take environmental values and social responsibility into account in all our operations and decision-making.


We organise trainings for the proper and safe use of our products. We also provide practical coures and seminars to enable our customers to optimise the benefits or their investment.




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