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Seri-Deco´s product offering can be grouped to three broad category.

  1. Printers printing materials |  Display solutions


Expand your business with us!

Seri-Deco provides the right solutions for commencing large format printers as well as large printing plants. Expand business and update your production capacity with us.


1. Solutions for commencing large format printers

2. Solutions for medium-size large format printers

3. Solutions for industrial large format printers

In addition to helping you choose the right equipment, our customer-specific sales representatives will assist you in selecting the best colours, digital printing vinyls, printable labels, fabrics, films and printable panels as well as display solution for the project. We support customers’ production processes through user trainings, smooth material deliveries as well as our fast maintenance response times.


  2. Self adhesive vinyls  |  sun and safety films


Quality saves time and costs - right materials and tools for all applications.


Seri-Deco’s high-quality self adhesive vinyl selection allows you to create durable signs and impressive decals to business premises and events as well as for outdoor and transport vehicle advertisements. Our standard vinyls, heat transfer materials, translucent films as well as the decorative, protective and special effect films and reflective vinyls are all available in several colour and adhesive combinations. In addition, Avery Dennison colour matching service will produce customer-specific colours as necessary. By using reliable cutter brands we are able to ensure customer’s smooth production processes and realisation of planned work.


  3. Lasers  engravers CNC routers




Versatile production with engravers and lasers

Seri-Deco represents internationally reputable CNC routers and laser engraving, marking and cutting tools. Our experts will identify the best solutions for companies investing in new technology as well as those specialising in large format or large-scale production series.

Laser production is gaining more ground in visual communications companies. Providing a partial alternative to screen printing and vinyl cutting, this technology enables versatile production from engraved business gifts to contour cutting of promotion displays. In industry, laser marking machines  are used for instance to mark serial numbers.


Our reliable brands and competent training and maintenance services benefit the customer through technical reliability and low operating costs of the equipment. Proper and safe operation is advised already on installation.

Seri-Deco’s product portfolio ranges from production equipment  to exhaust systems and high-quality engraving plates.




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